Redefining success

Success To laugh often and love much To win the respect of intelligent people and the affection of children To earn the appreciation of honest critics endure the betrayal of false friends To appreciate beauty To find the best in others To leave the world a bit better whether by a healthy child, a garden […]

Meaning in the Journey

|Kelly Tenkely| I always enjoy reading Seth’s Blog.  His posts push me into new thinking and often have me making connections to what we do within education.  His “Tool vs Insight” post was no different, below is an excerpt: How is your vocabulary? It’s a vital tool, certainly. Do you know these words? a, after, […]

40 Days to Personalized Education: A call to action

*** If you need the cliff notes version of this post, skip down to the Call to Action section! Last year I had a “hunch” about learning…specifically about curriculum.  That hunch turned into a full-fledged idea and a mission to do better for kids.  Everywhere.  Along the line I met some truly incredible people who taught me […]

From out of the dust, dreams #invisiblechildren

In preparation for our next Parent University at Anastasis Academy, I’m re-reading Seth Godin’s education manifesto “Stop Stealing Dreams.”  In the manifesto, Seth proposes the following question:   “Does the curriculum you teach now make our society stronger?” For the first time in my 9 year education career, I can say, “yes!”  Of course I […]

What Dreams May Come: A Sneak Peek into Anastasis Academy

It’s a pretty incredible thing to see dreams come to fruition. For me it started with an obsession and passion for creating rich learning environments where every student was recognized as an individual. In that first post I wrote: “I have a dreams of education. I have dreams of the way that schools should look. […]

Education is life: a call for more fabulous failures

Yesterday I had the privilege of attending a Charlotte Mason philosophy internship.  You know that you are doing what you are meant to do when the thought of a 8 hour day of education philosophy training sounds like fun.  I love the discussion of education, learning, and humanity.  I marvel when I read the works […]

Asking the right questions

Today’s #edchat topic for discussion on Twitter was: In a time of cut backs in education for the sake of the economy, should sports and extra curricular clubs take a back seat? Those “extras” we are referring to: the arts and physical activities (sports).  For me, this #edchat topic succinctly summarizes what is wrong in […]

Incomplete thoughts

This video caused one of those hunches I was talking about in my post When Hunches Collide.  I saw this video last Thursday and immediately typed out a blog post but didn’t publish it because it somehow felt incomplete.  I thought I would give myself a day to let my ideas percolate a little more, […]

Learning Attributes

In my Post “When Hunches Collide” I talked about Pandora, the free Internet radio station.  I posed the question, what if learning happened more like Pandora, more customized, individualized?  I started digging deeper into Pandora which is based on the Music Genome project.  The Music Genome Project is an effort to “capture the essence of […]

When hunches collide

Lately I have had the overwhelming feeling that education is on the brink of something big.  Something that will so dramatically change the way that we think about school and learning that we may hardly recognize it as being such.  I feel like I am on the brink of something big within my own thinking, […]