Name: Kelly Tenkely

I started blogging 4 years ago, I wasn’t always the computer geek I am today…I kind of fell into the computer teacher roll and found out that I love it and that I have a passion for technology (particularly Apple!!) who knew?  My goal is to help teachers fall in love with technology the way that their students have.  I believe that technology reaches students in a way that few other mediums can.  It ignites a fire, a desire to learn, and gives them the ability to express themselves in meaningful ways.  I have never had a student who didn’t love my class…I am a good teacher but I am not THAT good, what they love is using technology to learn.   So with that in mind, I set out to give teachers a resource where they could find easy-to-implement ideas for using technology in their own classrooms.  This brought about my first blog, iLearn Technology, a resource for teachers.

The longer I teach, the more I reflect on exactly how school is being done.   Somewhere along the line, the focus of education and schools shifted the wrong direction.  Schools and policy makers have become obsessed with curriculum, and assessments, and data, and money, and the latest tool for the classroom.  Where is the obsession and passion for creating rich learning environments for every student?  We live in a society where everything is individualized and personalized.  We can get a burger made just the way we want it. We can get computers built to our exact specifications. We can personalize our cell phones with ring tones, wallpapers, and skins. And yet, in this world of customization, one thing that we fail to customize and personalize is education.  Kids enter the classroom and are taught the same way day in and day out. They sit in seats, in rows, filling out worksheet after worksheet and then, they take a test. The programs that do allow students to do something different are being systematically cut due to budget difficulties (P.E., Art, Library, Music). Is it any wonder that when kids are asked what their favorite part of school is, they answer “lunch and recess”?  What does this say about the state of our schools?

What is the purpose of school?  Why do we mandate that our kids be sent to school?  I believe that our answers would be largely similar, to prepare students for the world that they are living in, that they will find themselves living in.  If this is our purpose we must ask ourselves, are we meeting it with our current school structure?  I submit that we are not.  Our students are not being prepared for the world that they will find themselves in, our students are being prepared for the world that their great-grandparents lived in.

I have a dreams of education. I have dreams of the way that schools should look. I have dreams of kids who find their passions. I have dreams of schools as rich learning centers.   I have created Dreams of Education as a place to record these dreams, to act as a dream catcher. I hope that you will join me on this journey and share your own dreams of education.  I have a strong belief that when those passionate about education join together, it will become an unstoppable force. Together we will change the face of education, making dreams a reality.  Dream with me, won’t you?

Teaching History: 1 year as a 2nd grade classroom teacher, 6 years as a k-5 technology specialist/teacher. 5 years as a technology integration specialist offering mentoring, training, and professional development.

Current Work: I am not in the classroom, you can learn more about that decision here.  I am now offering freelance technology training, social media consulting, professional development, curriculum design, and technology integration consulting, virtual classroom. If you are interested in working with me, you can contact me here.

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  1. You’ve got my attention Kelly. I teach history and polisci at a couple of colleges, and I like how you’re talking here. I’m always trying to find new ways to do things. I’m looking forward to checking out some of your work and ideas.

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